Thursday, April 22, 2010

But I'm Not The Creative Type...

I hear these words so often, "I wish I had a talent, but I am just not the creative type".
My answer to that is, "Yes you are". "Everyone has some creativity in them, maybe you haven't found what it is yet".
If you are truly interested in pursuing a craft, you need to start with a small project of interest. If you really connect with that project, work at larger projects of the same type. You will know if it is something you are good at before long. If you like it, and it has been a rewarding journey, then it is worth pursuing. Stay with it.
If you didn't have any sense of accomplishment or reward from it, but still want to pursue your interest in finding your creativity, move on to a new interest.
For those who say "I do not know what my interests are", it is either hogwash (you truly don't want to find your creativity) or you just haven't a clue where to start, but know you would like to have some kind of hobby.
If you want some kind of hobby and need a little push, go to an art/craft show and walk around. Find things you connect with and then either talk to the vendor to find out if they hold classes in your area ,or go to your local library and find books, or search the web for information.
You will soon be off and running.
I will have another post soon on "Finding Your Creativity". I will give tips on ways to get inspired and help to find ideas for new projects.