Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We All Have Our Moments

There are days when you feel like nothing could bother you. You are at complete peace with yourself and others around you. Then there are days when you wake up ready for a fresh new start, happy, glad to have the life that you do...and then BOOM! Someone or something just lit a fuse and exploded a bomb right in front of you. It could have been words said to you, a gesture, or a situation you are in, that completely throws you for a loop.

That is my day today. No matter what I do, it isn't right or good enough for those around me. Well I am taking charge right now and saying STOP! I am better than this and I do not have to let anyone or anything say different. I am a Christian and know that the only person I truly need to worry about doing good by, is God.

So big, bad world you can't touch me today. I say STOP! This is my day, my moment, and praise the Lord I am going to turn it around for the better no matter what.

Sometimes in life when you surround yourself with negativity, it is easy to succumb. If you are wise, you will know you are the only person that can change negativity into positivity. People see when you have a positive outlook and even though they are having a negative day and want to try and do everything in thier power to have you join them, use your energy and maintain positivity. They will eventually pick up on it and join you instead. It's your choice, we all have our moments.