Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finding Your Creativity

There are many ways to be inspired and find your creativity. Here are some tips on ways to get inspired and help to find ideas for new projects.

Inspiration can come from nature. When it comes to color combinations, nature is always right. Take time to linger over fascinating natural objects. Fabric is another source. If you like colors in a fabric, try them in a jewelry design.

Creativity and emotions go hand in hand. People find different ways to tap into their own creativity, inspiration, insight, and emotions. Some effective ways are by watching movies, listening to music, aromatherapy, quiet walks, long bath, etc. Relaxation, relaxation!
Many find inner peace while beading and that alone is all that is needed for inspiration and ideas. Sometimes a simple bead will trigger an idea for a project.

You can find really good project ideas in jewelry design books and magazines. Our favorite magazines are Stringing, Bead and Button, Jewelry Artist, and Bead Style.

Another way to find ideas and keep up with trend is by watching what people are wearing for jewelry when watching movies, t.v., and reading magazines.

Have fun!!